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Stolen from :iconseypherad: (?)

Total: 4
[x] I cry a lot. 
[ ] I go to local shows.
[ ] I wear black everyday 

[ ] I write sad poetry. 
[ ] I play an acoustic guitar.
[ ] My favorite bands include: Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, or Panic! at the Disco.
[ ] I think about suicide or death often.
[x] People have told me to cheer up. 
[x] I cry when I see dead animals.
[ ] My myspace/Facebook pics are black or white or angled.
[ ] I wear many band shirts. 
[ ] No one understands me. 
[] I don't talk too often.
] I look down when I walk.
[] I wear black eyeliner. 
[ ] I have an ex I still cry over.
[ ] My hair is black 
[x] My hair covers one of my eyes.
[ ] I always say 'life sucks'.

Total: 8
[ ] I have straight A's.
[] I wear glasses. 
[x] I always do my homework and study. 
[] Lord of the Rings was a massive achievement. 
[x] Computer games.
[ ] I'm 'teachers pet'.
[] I've never had a real boyfriend/girlfriend.
[] I have a bedtime. 
[ ] I use an asthma inhaler.

[ ] I carry a calculator with me. 
[] I bring my lunch to school. 
[x] I always follow the rules.
[x] I'm shy around the opposite sex. 
[x] I'm always on the computer. 
[x] I've never had beer or cigarettes. 
[] I always answer every question in class right.
[x ] I correct people's grammar.
[x] I read a lot.
[] School is very important to me.
[ ] I always stump people. 

Total: 3
[] I always speak my mind.
[x] I have 0% of school spirit.
[ ] F*ck you, I won't do what you tell me!
[x] I stand up for what I think is right.
[ ] On spirit days at school, I wear the rival's colors. 
[ ] Whenever people are doing something, I do the complete opposite.
[] I won't listen to authority figures. 
[ ] I always break the rules.
[ ] I refuse to compromise.
[] I'm always arguing with people. 
[] I love debate.
[] I always do what's unexpected of me.
[] I don't give a sh*t what people think of me.
[] If I watch a cruddy movie in theaters, right after it's over, I'll say 'that sucked'. 
[x] I'm not afraid to contradict others.
[ ] I only respect my own beliefs.
[] If I don't want to do something, I won't do it, no matter what.
[ ] I laugh at compromising people.
[] I cheer on the rival's sport team to stand out.
[ ] Rules were meant to be broken. 

Total: 1
[ ] I'm on one or more sport teams. 
[ ] I always wear my varsity jacket.
[x] I've won awards for my athletic ability.
[ ] I will only date popular girls/guys.
[ ] School Spirit 
[ ] I'm going to a college for sports
[ ] I watch sports on TV all the time 
[ ] I'm muscular.
[ ] I play sports or exercise at least 3 hours a day. 
[ ] Go Team!
[ ] I'm a chick/dude magnet.
[ ] I eat a lot.

[] I'm egotistical. 
[ ] I'm too focused on sports to make really good grades.
[ ] I sit at the jock lunch table.
[ ] All I talk about with my friends is sports.
[ ] I go to lots of sports games. 
[ ] I'm very athletic
[ ] I wear sport inspired clothing.
[ ] play at least 3 different sports.

Total: 5
[x] I'm funny. 
[x] I'm always making jokes. 
[] I interrupt class by making people laugh.
[x] I like to entertain people.
[ ] I worship Kevin Smith.
[] I watch comedies more than anything. 
[] I also watch SNL and Mad TV a lot
[x] I'm sarcastic. 
[] I've been told I'm hilarious. 
[] I always imitate people.
[] I pull lots of pranks. 
[ ] I always make sarcastic remarks after everything.
[ ] I have to prove myself by being funny.
[ ] People expect me to make jokes, always.
[ ] I have a lot of pressure to make everyone laugh.
[] If I don't make jokes, people ask me what's wrong.
[] Jim Carrey is my idol.
[x] I mostly get along with everybody. 
[] At pep rallies, I'm the one acting crazy and silly. 
[] My teachers or parents tell me I need to focus more on work and less on joking around.

Total: 10
[x] I don't have a lot of friends. 
[x]I don't talk too much. 

[] It's not that I'm snobby, I just get nervous when talking to people. 
[x] When people say my name, others say 'who?'
[x] People have told me I need to talk more. 
[x] I only talk when other people talk to me first 
[] I look down when I walk.
[] I avoid social gatherings, such as games, dances, or parties. 
[] People have tried to help me be more outgoing, but it never works.
[x] I always plan to talk to more people, but I never do.
[x] I never participate in class discussions. 
[x] I hide behind people to avoid being seen sometimes.
[] I could never be a cashier, talking to strangers.
[] I talk quietly.
[x] People have called me shy or quiet. 
[x] I usually let others decide for me.
[ ] If someone is talking about my favorite book or movie in front of me, I don't join in the conversation.

Total: 3
[ ] I wear black. 
[x] I don't like to be seen.
[x] I'm very, very pale.

[ ] I only listen to metal or emo-ish music.
[ ] I love creepy, weird movies.
[ ] I love gothic cartoons and drawings. 
[] I don't like people.
[ ] I only go out during the night. 
[ ] I have black fingernails. 
[] I wear a long black coat. 
[] I also wear big black boots. 
[ ] 'The Crow' is one of my favorite movies. 
[ ] I only date other Goths.
[ ] I love black humor. 
[ ] I love pain.
[x] People think I'm crazy.
[ ] I don't talk to anyone who isn't as deep as me.
[] I love to scare people 
[ ] I laugh at teenyboppers.
[] People are scared of me.

Total: 5
[x] I talk to myself.
[x] I say really random things all the time/have to say it out loud. 

[ ] I fidget a lot.
[ ] I still use a wheeled backpack.
[x] People laugh at me. 
[ ] I walk really funny.
[] I have a very different sense of style. 
[ ] I talk in a robot voice often. 
[x] I'll stop whatever I'm doing, and break out in a crazy dance if the mood strikes. 
[x] I debate stuff with myself.
[ ] I hear voices.
[ ] I'm obsessed with aliens and the other planets 
[ ] I have a fascination with robots and machinery. 
[ ] I use really big words no one understands, and they give me weird looks. 
[ ] I say random lines of babbling that make sense to no one but me.
[ ] I dart my eyes from side to side.
[ ] I always pretend I'm a robot or other weird non human thing.
[] People have no idea why I think the way I do.
[ ] I have some very unusual, extraordinary talents.
[ ] When people ask me if I like something that's trendy, I pretend to be scared or confused. 

Total: 4
[] I hate/dislike most people. 
[] I prefer to be alone. 
[] When people talk to me, I just give them a death glare 
[] Actually, most people don't talk to me. 
[ ] People are freaking idiots and I wish they'd all die. 
[x] I live in my room, writing in my diary. On the computer... 
[] I go out my way to avoid everyone.
[] I never greet anyone. 
[] I despise people who talk too loudly. 
[ ] I want people to think I'm a freak. 
[ ] I never talk.
[ ] I can't wait to get off this earth. 
[] I always sit by myself at lunch or anywhere else.
[x] I listen to music on full blast on my ipod/mp4 player/headphones to block out the world.
[X] I don't know why I am the way I am. 
[x] People have said I'm antisocial. 
[ ] I use drugs or alcohol to escape the loneliness. 
[] Why bother when people don't like you anyways?
[ ] I occupy myself so it won't look like I'm a loner. 
[ ] I just don't get along with anyone.

Total: 0
[ ] I skateboard to everywhere.
[ ] If I'm not skateboarding, I carry it with me.
[ ] I shop at Pacsun. 
[ ] I'm obsessed with Tony Hawk. 
[ ] Oh yeah, and Bam Margera.
[ ] I always play skateboarding video games
I have shaggy hair. 
[] I wear baggy pants. 
[ ] I wear only skater shoes.
[] I always wear hoodies. 
[ ] I hang at skate parks 24/7.
[ ] I'm always learning new board tricks.
[ ] Forget school, I want to be a professional skateboarder. 
[ ] I've been skateboarding for over 4 years.
[ ] I hang with other skaters.
[ ] I've been hurt while skateboarding.
[ ] I've been in a skateboarding competition.
[ ] I wear vans.
[ ] Tony Hawks games wn.  
[ ] I've met some of my closest friends at skate parks.

Total: 1
[x] I say 'yo'. 
[ ] I also say 'fo shizzle'. 
[ ] I wear extremely baggy pants.
[ ] Mah chainz hang low. 
[ ] I hang with my homies, biotches, and Hoe's
[ ] I'm a thug.  
[ ] I only listen to rap music.
[ ] 50 Cent is my idol.
[ ] I don't give a frick about school.  
[ ] I steal/have stolen before 
[ ] I freestyle. 
[ ] I breakdance.
[ ] Gold chainz is tha way to go, biotch. 
[ ] I'm white but I act black. 
[ ] All my heroes are dead rappers.
[ ] Tupac is still alive.
[ ] I party with all my nigs.
[ ] I wear a sideways baseball cap.
[] I wear hoodies.
[] I wear converse with the tongue flipped out. 

Total: 0
[ ] I always steal people's lunch money. 
[ ] Geeks are afraid of me.
[ ] I get in trouble all the time.
[ ] I steal people's stuff to be an a**hole.
[ ] People have called me a bully.  
[] I have beat someone up before. 
[ ] I'm always looking for a fight.
[ ] I pick on people smaller than me.
[ ] I push people out of the way when I'm walking. 
[] I've never been in a relationship before.
[] People are afraid of me. 
[] People know not to mess with me. 
[ ] I'm bigger than most people my age.
[ ] I pick on people for the fun of it.
[ ] I make fun of everything anyone else likes. 
[ ] If anyone crosses my path, they're dead.
[ ] People know not to try and stick up for themselves when I'm around.
[ ] I'm one of the strongest kids in school. 
[ ] Even some authority figures are afraid of me.
[ ] People get out of my way when I'm walking. 

Total: 5
[ x] I own at least 2 different video game consoles.
[] I love Final Fantasy.
[] DDR & Guitar Hero 
[] I've missed school before because I was trying to beat a video game. 
[] I'm always trying to beat high scores on games. 
[x] I even play a lot of computer games. 
[] I play at least 3 hours of video games a day.
[] My thumbs are sore often. 
[] I spend all my money on new video games.
[] My boyfriend/girlfriend has to be into video games. 
[] All I talk about is video games. 
[ ] I've been in a video game competition before 
[ ] I pay over 30$ a month in online games. 
[ ] I have bought more than 5 accessories for my console
[ ] I know about more than 10 cheats and mods in the game I play most 
[x] I have played at least a complete week in the game I like most. 
[x] I wouldn't know what to do in an afternoon without electricity. 
[ ] My parents often tell the internet is broken or simply disconnect it so I don't spend whole weekends and holidays playing.
[x] I have more than one online account on the same game.

Total: 5
[] I have long hair. 
[ ] I wear make up every day. 
[ ] I carry a purse. 
[] I have to get someone else to come kill a spider. 
[ ] I paint my nails 
[] I use perfume 
[] I keep my nails clean/shaped 
[x] I shower regularly 
[x] I used to or still do Dance, Gymnastics, or Cheer/Pom
[] I like to accessorize 
[] I like flowers. 

[ ] I don't like to be outdoors
[ ] I'm more like my mother than my father.
[x] I like hanging out with girls than boys. 
[ ] I like going to the mall/shopping. 

[] I watch my weight
[x] I plan outfits ahead of time 
[x] People say I have a soft/sweet voice.   
[] I dream about and am already planning my wedding day 
[ ] I watch dramatic shows on tv, soap operas, reality TV, etc 

Total: 6
[x] I have short hair.
[x] I hate doing laundry.
[] I like war type video games. 
[ ] I like playing or watching sports
[ ] People say I have a deep voice.
[x] I'm more like my dad than my mom. 
[] I beat up or tease my younger siblings or friends. 
[ ] I act tough, it doesn't matter what's going on inside me. 
[ ] There's only two emotions 
[] I shower only when I start to notice I stink
[x] I think about the opposite sex a lot.
[ ] My room isn't neat.
[x] I bite my nails instead of using scissors/clippers.
[] My clothes don't match sometimes, but I don't notice or care
[] I like to play rough with dogs. 
[] I like the movies 300, Transformers, The Dark Knight. 
[ ] The best way to get the opposite sex to like you is to act like a jerk.
[ ] I don't read 
[x] I don't ask for help even if I need it.
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: I'm Him - MINO
  • Reading: The Maze Runner - James Dashner
  • Watching: Akame Ga Kill!
  • Playing: LiEat II
  • Eating: ~
  • Drinking: Water


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